Friday, October 21, 2016

A Symposium on Pue's "Lawyers' Empire"

We've previously noted the publication of W. Wesley Pue's Lawyers’ Empire: Legal Professions and Cultural Authority, 1780-1950 (UBC Press, 2016).  The book is now the subject of a special issue of the International Journal of the Legal Profession, edited by David Sugarman and Avrom Sherr.  It will be published in March 2017 as IJLP 24:1, but individual contributions are available now on the journal’s website.  (A recording of Professor Sugarman's comments on Professor Pue and his book is available here.)  Here are the symposium's contents:

David Sugarman

Avrom Sherr

The commonwealth of lawyers?
Harry Arthurs

Contesting the legal culture of professionalism
Constance Backhouse

S.G.W. Archibald and liberal constitutionalism in Nova Scotia, 1820–1840
Lyndsay M. Campbell

Listening to "long-dead lawyers"
Eve Darian-Smith

Lawyers’ Empire in the (African) colonial margins
Sara Dezalay

Cultural politics and liberal legal education in the British Midlands and the Canadian West
Daniel R. Ernst

Lawyers’ Empire: Legal Professions and Cultural Authority, 1780–1950: a review
Philip Girard

Lawyers’ Empire and The Great Transformation
Douglas C. Harris

Wes Pue’s lawyers
Wilfrid Prest

Lawyers, legal education and nation building: lessons from Lawyers’ Empire
Hilary Sommerlad