Saturday, October 15, 2016

Weekend Roundup

  • "The Heyburn Initiative for Excellence in the Federal Judiciary, in partnership with the University of Kentucky College of Law and UK Libraries, will establish an archives and oral history program for Kentucky’s federal judges and a national lecture series on relevant judicial topics.”  More
  • The John Marshall Law School announces that Professor Samuel Olken has been named the Edward T. and Noble W. Lee Chair in Constitutional Law for the 2016-2017 academic year.  In that capacity he will “research, write and speak on constitutional law,” with a special focus on “Chief Justice John Marshall's use of the preamble to interpret the interstices of the Constitution.”  More.
  • CFP: The Newberry Center for Renaissance Studies has a Call out for its 2017 Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, which will showcase work on medieval, Renaissance, and early modern studies of Europe, the Americas, and the Mediterranean world. The deadline is very very soon: Oct.16!  Details here.

Update: John Fabian Witt, Yale Law School, will deliver the Hands Lecture, Adjudication in the Age of Disagreement, during a special session of the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit commemorating the 125th anniversary of the court at 4:00 p.m. on October 26 in the Thurgood Marshall Courthouse, 40 Foley Square, Room 1703, New York City.  H/t: SBG.

 Weekend Roundup is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.