Saturday, August 9, 2008


Many thanks to Beth Hillman for her posts as a terrific guest blogger!

Look for some changes on the Legal History Blog soon. I created the blog in November 2006. It has been a solo blog since that time, with the addition of guest bloggers over the past few months. This coming week I'll announce an LHB on-going co-blogger. Moving from a solo blog to a group blog will enable the Legal History Blog to keep you current on new scholarship, and to vary the nature of the posts. It will also keep the blog going during times when my attention needs to be elsewhere. (My summer reading has involved a combination of Clausewitz, Machiavelli and Foucault, which tends not to lend itself to quick blog posts!)

Guest bloggers will be a regular feature, which helps diversify the content. I hope you will enjoy the upcoming changes. Thank you for reading!

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Jim Chen said...


I can scarcely believe that you've been doing this alone (with guests) since November 2006. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your content and thumbing back through your archives as time permits. Congratulations, and may you and your soon-to-be coauthors keep at it for a long, long time to come.