Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Where to Buy Books

I've added to the sidebar a new entry with links to independent bookstores and other non-Amazon book buying options.  It appears right underneath the blogger book covers.  I'm not promoting any place in particular -- just making it easier for you to quickly find books at a variety of places.  If you'd like to suggest others, please do so in the comments.


Charles Paul Hoffman said...

I've had great luck with abebooks.com. It's a consortium of small used book shops that use a central database/ordering system. I can usually find almost anything on abe, though sometimes out of print academic press books can get pretty expensive.

Also, the abebooks forum is amazingly good at helping to identify books that you vaguely remember a few details about, but not the author/title. I haven't tried it for any nonfiction works yet, but have used it for a few other things here and there and it's simply amazing what people can help you find.

Lael said...

I'd suggest that you consider including the Meyer Boswell bookstore (meyerbos.com). It's a wonderful source for rare and antiquarian legal books, something that might be of interest to legal historians.

Jim S. said...


The absolute best single source for inexpensive scholarly and university press titles. I have been using this store for several years and am amazed at the deals that I find.

Daniel said...

I've used http://betterworldbooks.com and http://bookfinder.com for years and highly recommend both.