Sunday, April 22, 2007

2007 Entry-Level Law School Hiring in Legal History (first take)

The full results from the 2007 hiring season are not yet in, but here's how it looks as of this writing. There are (at least) nine new entry-level hires in legal history in U.S. law schools. Of the nine, six have Ph.Ds in History, one has an M.A. in History, and one has an M.A. in another field.

At least four participated in one or more fellowship programs (Berger Fellow at Harvard, Hurst Fellow at Wisconsin, Golieb Fellow at NYU, Law and Public Affairs Fellow at Princeton).

Yale is sometimes thought of as having a lock on JD/Ph.Ds in history. But these candidates represent a range of institutions, suggesting that there is no single pathway into the field. So far, this is the breakdown:

JD schools:
Harvard 2
Yale 2
Arizona 1
Chicago-Kent 1
Denver 1
Michigan 1
Virginia 1

Ph.D. Schools:
Chicago 1
Harvard 1
Univ. of Illinois 1
Univ. of Pennsylvania 1
Princeton 1

A note about this data: My information about placement, degrees, etc., comes from Larry Solum's invaluable Entry Level Hiring Report at the Legal Theory Blog. My information about who this year's legal history candidates are comes from various sources. It may be incomplete. It is harder to identify non-Ph.D. legal historians. When I was unsure about a particular scholar, I looked for evidence of scholarly and teaching interests in legal history in on-line bios. Please let me know about corrections and anyone I may have missed (or incorrectly included), either by posting a comment, or e-mailing me. I will post updates when I have new information.

This year's entry-level hires so far are are below:

Columbia Law School:
Christina Duffy Burnett, JD, Yale, 1998. PhD Candidate, History, Princeton. Program on Law and Public Affairs, Research Scholar, Princeton.


Allison Brownell Tirres. JD, Harvard, 2004. PhD, History, Harvard, 2007.

Loyola University Chicago:

Alexander Tsesis, JD Chicago Kent Colege of Law; MA Philosophy, University of Illinois-Chicago. Currently visiting assistant professor, Marquette University Law School.
New York Law School:
Rebecca Roiphe. JD, Harvard, 2000. PhD, American History, Chicago. 2002. Golieb Fellow, NYU. VAP, Fordham.
Tulane Law School:
Elizabeth Townsend Gard. JD, University of Arizona, 2002. PhD, History, UCLA, 1998. Visiting Professor, VAP, Seattle University Law School.
University of Toledo:

Gwen Jordan, JD, Denver (1986), Ph.D. (history), Illinois-Chicago (2004), Hurst Legal History Fellow, Wisconsin.

Valparaiso University School of Law:
Zachary Calo. JD, University of Virginia, 2005. PhD, American History,
University of Pennsylvania, 2006.
Daniel Sharfstein; JD Yale 2000; Samuel Golieb Fellow in Legal History, NYU, 2006-07; Raoul Berger-Mark DeWolfe Howe Visiting Fellow in Legal History, Harvard, 2005-06.

Widener University (Harrisburg Campus):

Katherine Jones. JD, University of Michigan, 1985. LLM, London School of Economics, 1986. MA, History, University of Virginia. Visiting Assistant Professor, VAP, Syracuse University School of Law.