Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Atlantic History Seminar: The Struggle for the Americas, 1500-1763

Atlantic History Seminar
Harvard University
August 2007
The Struggle for the Americas, 1500-1763

Application Deadline: April 30

Applications are invited for participation in the 2007 Atlantic History Seminar, to meet for approximately ten days at Harvard University beginning August 6. Participants, for whom travel and accommodation will be provided, must be recent recipients of the Ph.D. or its equivalent or advanced doctoral students engaged in research on aspects of Atlantic history. Historians at the early stages of their careers in Latin America, Western Europe, and Africa are especially invited, to join scholars from the United States and Canada for presentation of work in progress and discussions of the theme of the Seminar. It is hoped that some of the expenses of the participants will be defrayed by their own universities.
The Seminar will concentrate on the conflicts in the international struggle for control and domination of the Americas, from 1500 to 1763.

Work in progress on international rivalries in war, trade, and diplomacy; competing boundaries and claims of empire; the use of indigenous peoples in imperial competition; local expressions of larger conflicts; the sources, purposes, and scope of imperial ambitions; and rival arguments and justifications for national claims will be presented and discussed.
Senior historians will chair the sessions on topics of special interest to them and join in the Seminar's discussions.
The Seminar, under the auspices of the Charles Warren Center for Studies in American History and supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, is directed by Professor Bernard Bailyn. For application forms, to be returned by April 30, 2007, and information, please see our Web site.