Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Entry-level Legal History Hiring?

I'd like to do a post on this year's entry-level hiring in Legal History. I'm concerned that if I pull together a list without readers' input, it may be too under- (and possibly over?) inclusive. So I would appreciate news about hiring in legal history -- in law schools, history departments and other relevant tenure-track academic positions.

In keeping with the format on the Legal Theory Blog's entry-level hiring report, please provide this info (if the candidate is already listed on the Legal Theory Blog, just let me know that they're a legal historian & no need to repeat the rest):

Please provide as much of the following information as you can in the following format:
Hiring Institution: Name of hire. First law degree, first law degree institution, first law degree year. Highest other graduate degree, highest other degree field, highest other degree institution, highest other graduate degree year. Post-doc position title, post-doc program type, post-doc program institution.

So here is a sample entry:
New York Law School: Jane Roe. JD, Yale, 2004. PhD, History, Harvard, 2001. Bigelow Fellow, Teaching Fellowship, Chicago.
Some further explanations:
Report only entry level hiring for tenure track positions.
(Lateral hiring is also of interest, but only name, old school & new school are needed.)

You can either post info as a comment below, or e-mail me. Self-reporting is appreciated!

Many thanks.