Friday, January 13, 2012

Facebook Page Update

If you follow the Legal History Blog on Facebook, you have probably noticed some changes on the page. If not, I want to invite you to join us on Facebook where you will find new features and new ways to enjoy the Legal History Blog. If you “like” us on Facebook, you’ll receive notifications and links to all new blog posts in your daily newsfeed.

On Facebook, we keep you updated on what our guest blogger is writing about, and provide reminders of upcoming conference and other deadlines. In addition, each week we will spotlight a topic in legal history by providing links to recent and older blog posts.

Spotlight on: Law and War

This week, to reflect on nine years of war in Iraq, we are spotlighting law and war including links to the following posts:

Mary Dudziak, "An Age Without Surrender Ceremonies," November 1, 2010

Mary Dudziak, "'Wartime' Becomes 'Crisis Time' in Post 9/11 Legal Thought," February 17, 2011

The topic for next week is writing and publishing.

In case you miss any of these features on Facebook, I’ll round-up everything here on the blog at the end of each week.

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