Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Studies in the History of Tax Law

Studies in the History of Tax Law, volume 5, is now out from Hart Publishing.  A pdf of the Table of Contents is here.  Here is a description of the work:
These are the papers from the 2010 Tax Law History Conference. The papers reflect an even wider range of topics, including problems in defining and taxing Companies from 1799 to 1965, the Window tax from a Public Health perspective, the development of the tax profession, Montesquieu and ERA Seligman, taxing charities in Australia, Charitable Purposes Exemption from Income Tax: Pitt to Pemsel 1798 – 1891 and Australian perspectives on avoiding evasion. Turning to international tax there are essays on the history of the international taxation of income from enterprise services, the Negotiation and Drafting of the 1967 United Kingdom Australia Taxation Treaty and on art 7 (3) of the OECD Model Treaty.
Hat Tip: Legal Theory Blog