Thursday, January 26, 2012

Seminar on Archival Research for Grad Students in Cold War and Post-1945 International History

Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research

The Summer Institute on Conducting Archival Research (SICAR) is a five-day seminar in which Ph.D. students receive training in conducting archival research. Although archival research is an integral part of many academic disciplines, it is virtually never taught at the graduate level. In an effort to address this deficiency, the George Washington University began the Summer Institute in 2003. SICAR welcomes students working on dissertation topics related to the Cold War and post-1945 international history. In 2012, the Summer Institute will continue to welcome participants from various disciplines including history, government and politics, international relations, sociology, anthropology, and public policy, as well as area and regional studies. Preference will be given to students who have defended their dissertation proposal and who are about to embark on archival research. The 2012 workshop will be held from May 21-25 (students will need to arrive by May 20). The deadline for applications is February 6 , 2012.

More details are here.