Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frydman on the History of Legal Interpretation and Legal Reasoning

The Meaning of Laws: A History of Legal Interpretation and Legal Reasoning has been posted by Benoit Frydman, Perelman Centre for Legal Philosophy, Free University of Brussels. It is an excerpt from his book, LE SENS DES LOIS: HISTOIRE DE L'INTERPRETATION ET DE LA RAISON JURIDIQUE, p. 708, Paris-Bruxelles, 2005.The SSRN posting and the book are in French.  Here's the short abstract:
This book provides a history of legal thinking and reasoning. It focuses on the tools, methods and procedures to interpret legal texts. The book analyses 10 consecutive models: rhetorical; biblical-Talmudic; patristic; scholastic; geometrical; philological-historical; sociological; economical; normative-positivist and pragmatic.