Monday, January 30, 2012

U Michigan Legal History Workshop Schedule

The schedule for the Winter 2012 University of Michigan Law School Legal History Workshop, led by Bill Novak and Martha Jones, is now available.

January 31. Michael Vorenberg, Brown University
"Birth, Belief, and Blood: Allegiance, Law, and the American Civil War"

February 7. Visit to the William L. Clements Library. (Closed Session.)

February 14. Chris Schmidt, Chicago-Kent Law School
"Divided by Law: The Sit-Ins, Legal Ambiguity, and the Role of the Courts in the Civil Rights Movement"

February 21: Nick Parillo, Yale Law School
"Against the Profit Motive: The Transformation of American Government, 1780-1940"

March 6: Sophia Lee, University of Pennsylvania Law School
"The Workplace Constitution: Race, Labor and Conservative Politics from the New Deal to the New Right"

March 13: Mark Tushnet, Harvard Law School
"Civil Liberties After 1937 -- The Justices and the Theories"

March 20: Adriaan Lanni, Harvard Law School
"Law and Order in Classical Athens"

March 27: John Hudson, St. Andrews/Michigan Law
"The Varieties of Legal History"

April 3: Veronica Santarosa, Michigan Law
"Financing Long-distance Trade without Banks: the Joint Liability Rule and Bills of Exchange in 18th-century France"

April 10: Sara McDougall, CUNY/John Jay College
"Husbands, Wives, and Adultery in Late-Medieval France"