Friday, January 20, 2012

Upcoming CFP Deadlines

Some of the big conferences and a few smaller ones have issued CFPs. If you are looking for opportunities to present your work, here are some deadlines that you might not want to miss:

January 20: Law and Legal Cultures in Germany (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 4-7, 2012)

January 26: American Studies Association (San Juan, Puerto Rico, November 15-18, 2012), “Dimensions of Empire and Resistance: Past, Present, and Future.”

February 15: American Historical Association (New Orleans, Louisiana, January 3-6, 2013) “Lives, Places, Stories”

February 15: Organization of American Historians (San Francisco, California, April 11-14, 2013)

February 29: American Society for Legal History (St. Louis, Missouri, November 8-11, 2012)