Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Conference for Ira Berlin

The University of Maryland’s History Department is hosting a conference in honor of Ira Berlin, entitled Slavery, Freedom, and the Remaking of American History.  It will take place in the McKeldin Library Professor Berlin's former students and past or present members of the Freedmen & Southern Society Project will present.

Many of the papers are of interest to legal historians, including:

Presumption of Guilt: Race, Liberty, and Policing in the Early Republic
Kate Masur, Northwestern University

Salvador v. Turner: Black Litigants, Citizenship, and Local Courts in the Antebellum American South
Kimberly M. Welch, West Virginia University

Not by Reason of Color Alone: Class and Character in Ex-Slaves' Encounters with the Law, 1865-1867
Leslie S. Rowland, University of Maryland

Making History, Making the Constitution: The Fifteenth Amendment in American Political Culture, 1870-1920
Stephen A. West, The Catholic University of America