Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Around the Law Reviews

Available on line is a symposium on New York Times v. Sullivan in volume 66 of the Alabama Law Review, with an introduction by Paul Horwitz and contributions by (among others) Christopher W. Schmidt and Mark Tushnet.  Also available online is Daniel J. Hulsebosch’s The Revolutionary Portfolio: Constitution-Making and the Wider World in the American Revolution, Suffolk Law Review (2014): 759-822; and William E. Nelson, The Imperfections of the Rule of Law, 67 SMU Law Review 67 (2014). The latest (gated) issue of Law and Social Inquiry includes a symposium on Kunal Parker's Common Law, History, and Democracy in America, with contributions from Marianne Constable, Shai Lavi, Renisa Mawani, and a response by Professor Parker.  Also, Matthew A. Axtell reviews Walter Johnson’s River of Dark Dreams: Slavery and Empire in the Cotton Kingdom.