Thursday, March 26, 2015

Federal History (2015)

Federal History 7 (2015), a publication of the Society for History in the Federal Government, is out and available on-line.  Here is the TOC.

Editor’s Note
— Benjamin Guterman

Roger R. Trask Lecture
Setting Precedent: The First Senate and President Washington Struggle to Define “Advice and Consent”
— Charlene Bickford

Public Management of Big Data: Historical Lessons from the 1940s
— Margo Anderson

The War Bond Poster: State Fundraising and National Cohesion Through Mass Media During the World Wars
— Hunter Hollins

A New Frontier: Reevaluating JFK’s Civil Rights Record Through a Case Study of Prince Edward County, Virginia
— Brian E. Lee

The State of Congressional History
•  Introductory Remarks, Richard McCulley
•  Promoting the History of the Senate, Donald A. Ritchie
•  Engaging the Public in the History of the U.S. House of Representatives, Matt Wasniewski
•  Resources and Perspectives, Raymond W. Smock

Fifty Years of Collecting: Curatorial Philosophy at the National Museum of American History
— Steven Lubar