Saturday, March 14, 2015

Weekend Roundup

  • From History News Network: Elizabeth Tandy Shermer (Loyola University Chicago) places recent right-to-work laws in historical context.
  • A warm welcome to the blogosphere to Litera Scripta, the blog of the Bounds Law Library Special Collections at the University of Alabama School of Law.
  • Former ASLH President Constance Backhouse is leading “an external review of the practices and policies within [Dalhousie University's] embattled dental school,” which “has been roiled in controversy since December when news broke that a group of male fourth-year dentistry students had posted disturbing comments on a Facebook page, including offensive comments about female classmates.”  More.
  • Around the colloquia: Sam Lebovic, George Mason University, presented “From Censorship to Classification: How World War II Remade American Press Freedom” to Yale’s Legal History Forum on March 10.  Hat tip: Legal Scholarship Blog.
  • Although we've all been focusing on the due date for proposals for ASLH 2015 in Washington, DC, October 29-November1, we have, via Legal Scholarship Blog, the save-the-date reminder for ASLH 2016 in Toronto, October 27-30.
  • From Balkinization: LHB founder Mary Dudziak (Emory Law) on "Edward Corwin and the 'Totality' of America's World War II."
  • The Library of Congress's Magna Carta Lecture Series is winding up. The last lecture is on Monday, April 6, and will feature Magna Carta scholar Nicholas Vincent (University of East Anglia). He will be speaking on “Magna Carta from Runnymede to Washington: Old Laws, New Discoveries.” 
Weekend Roundup is a weekly feature compiled by all the Legal History bloggers.