Monday, October 27, 2008

Klimas compares the independence struggles in the United States and Lithuania

A Comparison of the Struggles for Independence of the United States and Lithuania has just been posted by Tadas Klimas, Stetson University College of Law. It appeared in Lituanus: Lithuanian Quarterly Journal of Arts and Sciences (1993). Here's the abstract:
Two countries, one in the Old World, the other in the New, one having attained independence 200 years ago, the other having had to strive for independence repeatedly over those same two hundred years, twice meeting with success - but failing at least four times. At first glance, Lithuania's struggle for independence might be thought to be entirely dissimilar from that of America. Besides anything else, the United States would seem at first glance to have been more fortunate in all of the circumstances of its struggle. But a closer look reveals many parallels to exist between America's struggle for independence two hundred years ago and that of Lithuania during the period 1988-1993, and indeed Lithuania of late arguably has been more fortunate in some of the conditions of its struggle than was America two centuries ago.