Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sammons on Brainerd Currie

Jack L. Sammons,Walter F. George School of Law at Mercer University, has posted Brainerd Currie: I Am the Very Model of a Modern Intellectual, which originally appeared in a symposium on Currie's choice-of-law scholarship in the Mercer Law Review in 1997. Sammons's abstract simply describes the paper as "a biographical examination of Brainerd Curre as a model for law professing."

Historians of American legal thought will recognize Currie for his articles on the pedagogy of legal realism, "The Materials of Law Study." Anyone who considers Gilbert & Sullivan parodies riotously funny--I'm afraid I'm not in their number, as much as I revere the memory of Brainerd's son David, who taught me at the University of Chicago Law School and was also a great G&S fan--won't want to miss the Currie's version of the song that inspired Sammons's title. Much the same sensibility comes across in the Green Bag publication, Quidsome Balm, pictured above.