Thursday, October 9, 2008

We Browse iTunes So You Don't Have To!

Okay, so "The Eye of the Tiger" they're not, but here for your listening pleasure--at the gym or wherever--are some free, legal-history-related downloads available from iTunes:

Lynn Hunt: Inventing Human Rights, UCTV, UC Santa Barbara, UCTV Audio Podcasts

Suppressing the African Slave Trade: The Limits of Legislation, 1794-1865: Paul Finkelman. George and Ann Richards Civil War Era Center, Pennsylvania State University

Legal History - Session I: Distinguished Adjunct Professor R. B. Bernstein, Professor Annette Gordon-Reed, Professor Rebecca Roiphe, Professor and Dean Emeritus James F. Simon, Faculty Presentation Day 2008, New York Law School

Shaping & Breaking the Politics of Legal History: David Lieberman, Stanford University

Thurgood Marshall Before the Court: Stephen Smith, Kate Ellis. Civil Rights: Voices of a Movement, American Public Media

[They should turn up with a simple search of the iTunes website.]

1 comment:

Pete Jones said...

Thanks for the ItunesU choices and nice accompanying picture.

Also, I just read Lawyers Against Labor... then it took me two weeks to put two and two together and realize you wrote it. Really great work.