Tuesday, May 22, 2018

CFP: “Migrants and Refugees in the Law" at Universidad Católica de Murcia

We a call for papers for the Fourth International Conference of the Chair Innocent III and the Universidad Católica de Murcia.  It is entitled “Migrants and Refugees in the Law: Historic Evolution, Current Situation and Unsolved Questions" and will be held in Murcia (Spain), December 12-14, 2018.
International Chair Innocent III calls on all interested researchers to submit papers related to the human mobility and the reception of refugees according to History of Law, Canon Law, Roman Law, Comparative Law, Philosophy, Theology, History, Sociology, Historiography and any other discipline related to the main theme, as stated in the following sessions:
December 12: session 1. The Migration in the Ancient and Medieval History. Historical approach to human mobility. 
December 13: session 2. Nation, State, Revolution.  The situation of the migrants and the refugees from the origin of the modern State. 
December 14: session 3. Between Emergency and Ordinariness.  Proposals for the enhancement of a constant phenomenon in the contemporary age. 
Proposals:  Title, academic affiliation, short CV and Abstract - 200 words - (EN, IT, ES, DE, FR), via mail: catedrainocencio@gmail.com 
Deadline: September 15, 2018. The Scientific Committee will respond to the proposal before September 30, 2018.
Publication: Papers selected by the Scientific Committee will be published in the special issue of the journal Vergentis (ISSN: 2445-2394) in the first half of 2019.