Saturday, May 12, 2018

US Legal History Roundtable at the ABF

Yesterday the American Bar Foundation held its annual United States Legal History Roundtable at the ABF.  The papers were:
  • Kate Masur, Northwestern University, “Poverty, Mobility, and Race in the Early Republic,” with comments by Dan Farbman, Boston College, and Kunal Parker, University of Miami;
  • Rabia Belt, Stanford University, “Race, Disability, and the Vote,” with comments by Susan Pearson, Northwestern History, and Dan Sharfstein, Vanderbilt Law;
  • Timothy Lovelace, Indiana University, “Taking Affirmative Action Around the World,” with comments by Joanna Grisinger, Northwestern University, and Ken Mack, Harvard University; and 
  • Tracy Steffes, Brown University, “School Finance and Property Tax Reform,” with comments by David Freund, University of Maryland, and James Sparrow, University of Chicago
 H/t: LHB Guest Blogger Christopher W. Schmidt.