Friday, May 25, 2018

Law & History Review launches new digital imprint, The Docket

We are excited to report that the Law & History Review has officially launched its new online companion, The Docket. From LHR editor Gautham Rao:
I am pleased to announce the launch of The Docket, the new digital imprint of Law and History Review. The Docket aims to bring legal historians' outstanding work to a broader audience, without any paywall or registration. We'll be featuring content that mirrors articles in our print journal, while also running original articles, reviews and opinion pieces. Readers will also find interviews with scholars at different career stages, who discuss challenges in the field and new and particularly creative frameworks. We also hope to begin a broader conversation about teaching legal history in a digital age as the first of what we hope to be many projects. The Docket is edited by Dr. Michan Connor. Our inaugural issue features articles by Sarah Barringer Gordon of The University of Pennsylvania, Adriana Chira of Emory University, Anders Walker of St. Louis University, and Catherine Evans of the University of Toronto, plus an interview with University of Wisconsin doctoral candidate, Brooke Depenbusch. Our next issue will be a special volume on the career of eminent legal historian, Robert W. Gordon. We are also seeking contributors for future issues. Those interested in contributing to The Docket can find our contact information on the site.
Check it out here.